Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bathroom Freakout

So...I've had a year and a half to figure out our bathrooms and feel like I'm still at square one. Now, just when I think I have it all figured out. I'm 5,500 over budget. Hubby is not going for that. What I do have figured out is the floors. Hardwoods for the Master Bath and Powder room. White hexagon or octagon floor with a black border of some sorts in the Kids bathroom. I'm pretty sure that I also have the kids cabinetry decided - either Koch or Decor white cabinets with absolute black granite remnant. Not too costly.

Now...what to do with the Master Bath. We have black furniture from Restoration Hardware with red quilt and lime flowered quilt on our bed. I'm worried about that very casual style with the bathroom. I don't like the grey carrera marble with white. It's almost too grey for me. I love calcatta marble with creamy vanity but that's ending up to be too pricey. $4500 for a vanity top is not in the budget. I thought I liked Witch Hazel corian but now think it looks cheap - especially since the kids are getting granite. Right now, vanity with corian is $3k and vanity with marble is $5.7K. I could order something from Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware cheaper. What to do????

Here are some of my inspiration pics that have not really helped me so far. What can I say...I have expensive taste.

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