Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to Carrara Marble

After reviewing the estimates, it looks like the Carrara Marble countertop wins. It is cheaper than corian and nicer but less expensive than Calacatta. It wasn't my first choice but is growing on me again.

Bathtub - Still undecided

This or this? Only $3K difference in bathtub cost but when you figure in the tub deck and cabinetry, does it now become worth it? Either way, it needs to bubble or jet. Otherwise, I'll never use it.

Shower Plans

The shower is the one area that we feel like we've decided. To stay within our budget, we are most likely going with a white subway tile and an onyx base. Or something with a similar budget. We will have a teak bench and a dry area by the door when you walk in. Some shower pics...

Black Vanity for Master?

I've always liked each of these bathrooms. I just think I would want a white tiled floor rather than hardwoods and one that needs to be less than $8/sq feet. I also wonder if my Master Bath is too small for such a dark vanity.

Bathroom Freakout

So...I've had a year and a half to figure out our bathrooms and feel like I'm still at square one. Now, just when I think I have it all figured out. I'm 5,500 over budget. Hubby is not going for that. What I do have figured out is the floors. Hardwoods for the Master Bath and Powder room. White hexagon or octagon floor with a black border of some sorts in the Kids bathroom. I'm pretty sure that I also have the kids cabinetry decided - either Koch or Decor white cabinets with absolute black granite remnant. Not too costly.

Now...what to do with the Master Bath. We have black furniture from Restoration Hardware with red quilt and lime flowered quilt on our bed. I'm worried about that very casual style with the bathroom. I don't like the grey carrera marble with white. It's almost too grey for me. I love calcatta marble with creamy vanity but that's ending up to be too pricey. $4500 for a vanity top is not in the budget. I thought I liked Witch Hazel corian but now think it looks cheap - especially since the kids are getting granite. Right now, vanity with corian is $3k and vanity with marble is $5.7K. I could order something from Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware cheaper. What to do????

Here are some of my inspiration pics that have not really helped me so far. What can I say...I have expensive taste.

One more style pic

At some point, I'll add bedroom inspiration pictures. But, I thought I would add this one early. I love the cottage look. And, I love the wallpaper and slipcovered chair and the colors. However, they don't go with the black dog. :(

Saturday, July 16, 2011


What is my style? That is still the mystery. I think it is cottage but sometimes I think it is traditional. Either way, I know it's not what I have now. Lots of work to making it "my style". I do know that I love color...lots of color. I also like the clean, neat look that's not cluttered. But, I need lots of hiding places to put all of my clutter, too. Oh..wait, I LOVE white. I mean I really love white. My husband is so convinced that we are moving into the "white house". But...I have a big, black, dog. White is not always the best.

Exterior Inspiration

This is the exterior inspiration for our new, old house. It is a foursquare style house built in the early 1900's in Munger Place Historic District in Dallas, TX. My husband and I bought our first home in this neighborhood and will forever miss it. So...we are bringing a little Munger Place to a "'burbs neighborhood" in a small midwest town. We originally thought we were going to build a 'burbs house. Little did we know how hard that was. With the decision made for us to custom build, after several months of pain and suffering through a bungalow plan, we knew this was our house. Now, what will the floor plan be?? AND, how on earth do we get a master bedroom on the main leval and attach a garage without looking strange?